It Fits Like a Dream (Home)

It Fits Like a Dream (Home)

“What happens when you can’t find your perfect home? You create it with B.E.C.”

Imagine your dream home: what it looks like, where it’s located, and what’s inside it. Does it have enormous closets, or maybe a sprawling kitchen with an island for cooking and entertaining?  Does it feature rustic farmhouse doors?  Large windows overlooking your backyard sanctuary, on acres of land?  Perhaps a combination of all of these? Now, what are the chances that you would find this dream home already built, just waiting on you to move in?  The odds of stumbling upon the perfect house, unfortunately, aren’t exactly in your favor.

For the average person, the search for the perfect home is a painstaking process. You meet with a realtor to explain what you’re looking for, go to countless showings, and attend multiple open houses.  Finally, once you find a house that’s “good enough” or as close to perfect as you think you’ll ever find, it’s time to negotiate with sellers, hope for the best during a home inspection… only to end up living in someone else’s old home.  Now, there’s a lot to be said about the importance of and joy acquired from giving new life to an old house.  But when it comes to your dream home, the last place you ever want to call home… do you really want to force someone else’s dream to become your own?

At B.E.C. Custom Homes, we custom-design and construct dream houses from the ground up to ensure they’re the perfect fit for our new homeowners.  And as we learned from one of our most recently completed constructions, in the case of the Brady family, a “perfect fit” was pretty hard to come by.

John and Christina Brady are newlyweds who searched relentlessly for a new house, only to be constantly disappointed b

y what was available.  For this couple, nothing was ever quite the right fit – literally – because Christina and John are a bit taller than most, both measuring six feet, three inches tall.  John is a retired army veteran of 21 years who’s currently employed at Ft. Gordon, while Christina is the owner of Restorative Massage Therapy. They knew that they wanted to live in Aiken County with access to land and a terrific view.  And we knew that they needed a home that was comfortable to live in and perfectly customized just for them.

John and Christina were referred to B.E.C. Custom Homes by their realtor after they purchased a lot in the Savannah Rapids area.  The couple was able to decide on a modern farmhouse style home that would boast lots of windows and natural lighting.  We kept the Bradys involved throughout the entire B.E.C building process of building their new dream house, making adjustments to the plans along the way when needed.  Many personal touches were added to the house to make the couple’s home especially comfortable for them, including elevated 38” countertops and entryways, and custom bathrooms with extra spacious 72” bathtub.  We were able to advise John & Christina throughout the build and offered suggestions that we felt would further enhance their home, such as expanding closets and adding an alcove.  One of Christina’s favorite features is the view from the back porch capturing a perfect sunset every dusk, which sold her on the location.

The Bradys deserved a home that’s unique, just like they are – a home that perfectly fits their personalities, lifestyle… and their stature.  And that’s exactly what they got.  It was a delight to be able to work with this fun couple, and we wish the newlyweds a lifetime of happiness in their dream home.

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