The B.E.C. Custom Homes Process

The B.E.C. Custom Homes Process

The thought of building your very own custom home might seem daunting – but not with B.E.C. Custom Homes.   No matter what, we always go the extra mile to make the entire process enjoyable and fun for our homeowners.  After all, no one wants to experience a nightmare when building a dream home!

So what can you expect when you’re ready to get started?  Here’s a glimpse into the B.E.C. Custom Homes building process.

Find & secure the lot.  Finding the plot of land on which your dream home will be built is the first step in the building process.   The lot will determine the size of your home, style of home, and how much budget you have to work with.

We can help you find the perfect plot of land for your house, or, if you’ve already found the parcel you want, we’ll come out and carefully walk the lot with you.  Owner Brian Carter has an extensive background in land clearing and grading:  he’s able to look for potential drainage issues, determine what type of clearing the lot would need, calculate how many container loads of trees would have to be cleared, and much more.  Our homeowners love that Brian is able to get the “lay of the land,” and in turn, can help determine exactly where to put the house.   Brian’s expertise in land development allows him to envision possibilities that can’t always be seen at first glance.  We’ve often heard from homeowners, “We would’ve never pictured the house being in that spot, and it’s perfect!”

B.E.C. also makes the lot purchase process very simple, because we handle it all for you.  Getting a construction loan is considerably more difficult than getting a mortgage loan.  With B.E.C., you don’t have to worry about the hassle of getting the loan for the land and dealing with the financing and interest.

Determine your house plan.  This is where things begin to get really fun:  it’s time to imagine all the possibilities for your new home.  Not sure where to start?  We’ll talk it over with you in great detail and ask the questions that will help us conclude what plan will be the best fit for you.  For example:  will this be your final home?  Do you have young children?  Do you have elderly parents who currently or might eventually live with you?  Do you want to rent your home for Masters?  What is your overall budget?

Homeowners occasionally bring a plan to us that might not fit within their budget.  And that’s okay!  At that point, we’ll discuss the features of the home plan that you love the most and don’t want to live without.  Then we can communicate your wish list to our house plan designer and have something custom created for you.  (We get special low rates on home plans – rates that aren’t available to the public – which is another perk of partnering with B.E.C. on your dream home.)

Next comes the sketch from the draftsman.  We’ll keep tweaking it until the floor plan is exactly right.  Once that’s complete, we move to the exterior lines of the home, including the roof, to make it gel perfectly with the floor plan.

Create the contract.  Now it’s time to put everything in writing.  We’ll create a contract that details from roof to foundation exactly what you’re going to get with your new home so you’ll know exactly what to expect and look forward to.   These detailed specifications include everything from the type of shingles you’ll have to the allowances for your lighting fixtures.

Design your home.  Once the contract is signed, we get to discuss and decide on all the beautiful details that will truly make your home your own.   You’ll find many of your home’s options right here at the B.E.C. Custom Homes office.  We have tile selections, cabinet selections, carpet, trim, mirror frames, and more.  No one wants to go to 30 different places to find the options you want!  We make it easy by keeping many of these options in-house for you to peruse.   Can you go to big box stores, boutiques, or online to find the options you want?  Absolutely!  We can even shop for you.  No need to hire an interior designer; you get the benefit of our expertise.

It’s true that there are a lot of details to consider, but with B.E.C. you don’t have to worry about being overwhelmed.  We’ll guide you through the process step-by-step.  As the house is progressing, we set up various meeting dates; that way you aren’t overwhelmed with many decisions at once.

We’ll also set up a time to walk the house to determine other logistics, such as where outlets need to go.  We’ll walk-through the home with the electrician and a low-voltage expert.  This is also the time to discuss things such as security systems, surround sound, and other amenities that you might want your home to have.   There will also be a final walk through prior to closing.

Get the keys.  Congratulations!  You’ve completed the B.E.C. Custom Home building process and you now have the keys to your dream home.  But don’t worry – we aren’t disappearing.  Our customers are so important to us, and we always want to maintain a great relationship.  Know that we’re always accessible to you and here to help however possible.

We’ll be warrantying the house for a year after we build it.  You’ll also have a 30-day punch list that you can submit for any items that might pop-up after you’ve moved into your new home, and rest assured that we’ll be quick to tackle them.  You want your dream home to be perfect, and so do we.

Ready to get started?  Call us today:  706-836-2846