The Southern Living Custom Builder Program

The Southern Living Custom Builder Program

When it comes to growing up in the south, there are certain threads that just seem to be woven in the fabric of nearly everyone’s childhood… those timeless southern staples that could be found in every household south of the Mason-Dixon line, such as glasses of iced tea and porch swings. Southern Living magazine is another one of these classic relics of the south, and we’re willing to bet that if you grew up here, you know exactly what we mean!

Boasting recipes, house plans, gardening tips, and information about Southern culture and travel, Southern Living is the authority on all things pertaining to this beautiful region of the country. Tattered copies of the magazine were commonplace in our household. Our mothers had a subscription, and our mothers’ mothers. Delicious southern recipes were dog-eared and referred to faithfully through the years; travel ideas were circled and highlighted when summer plans were being made. We learned which flowering plants can best tolerate the Georgia heat, and the best neutral color options for painting the walls of our home. Southern Living magazine was – and still remains – the unofficial guide to, well, southern living.

In 1993, Southern Living established the Southern Living Custom Builder Program, which is a network of custom homebuilders in the south, hand-picked by the program based on “craftsmanship, excellence in architecture, and home building that tells a Southern story.”   And, as stated by Southern Living, “only the finest custom homebuilders are invited to be a part of this one-of-a-kind program.”

As stated by Southern Living, “only the finest custom homebuilders are invited to be a part of this one-of-a-kind program.”

To become a member of the program, we were carefully reviewed based on the reputation we hold in the building community among local building trade (i.e. the contractors with whom we work) as well as homebuyers, the strength of our business in the marketplace, our company’s financial stability, and obviously, the customer service we provide to our buyers. So you can imagine how giddy with joy we were when we learned that B.E.C. Custom Homes was chosen to be part of this exclusive network of homebuilders!

It’s truly an honor to have been selected and to be able to represent the prestigious Southern Living brand through our work. Membership in the program gives our team – and you – access to some incredible home plans. Interested in learning more about a Southern Living custom home? Give us a call and let’s chat!